Learning for the long run

At Kumon, we believe each and every child has unlimited, and often untapped, potential. Through our unique study programmes, we therefore aim to foster in each student the confidence and independent learning skills required to tackle advanced work, independently. With over 4 million students studying with Kumon in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, every minute of every day a child is benefiting from Kumon study.

Through the unique Kumon Method of Learning, children are supported to reach an advanced level of study at their own pace. As students develop their ability through self-learning and experience a sense of accomplishment, so too will they grow in confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Whether a child is studying maths or reading with Kumon, the carefully designed worksheets will take them on a step-by-step journey from simple to complex problems, advancing their ability at the right pace to keep them motivated.

Trained and dedicated Instructors provide individualised instruction for each student, discovering what they are capable of and pursuing their potential with every worksheet they set.

At Kumon, children are not limited by the skills or knowledge of others. Each child is given the opportunity to progress as far as they are able, with the support of an established method, a skilled Instructor, and worksheets that have been developed over 60 years to develop skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.