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“Everybody has the ability to be brilliant. It is about focus, energy and direction.” H. Imberd

A quality education is the best inheritance that parents can leave for their children, give your child the academic advantage for their future.

At Lux KUMON Walfer we foster a love of learning, we believe every child have a great potential and we believe we can help them to develop it to their maximum.

KUMON helps to make your children more smarter, more independent and self-confident through individualized self-learning. Each student does not depend on or is limited by the skills and knowledge of others. We empower students to learn for themselves, grow in confidence, work at their own pace and work independently through carefully designed worksheets which are completed daily for 100% success.

KUMON is a well-established and proven global Japanese method, it was created by a maths teacher to help his son to improve his ability in maths and develop a love of learning, be thoroughly prepared for rigorous high school and University.

Love, Learn & Shine



Matières : Anglais, Maths
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