The English programme

The Kumon English Programme aims to cultivate a high level of reading ability in each student. Through daily study of this programme, students develop the ability to read and understand a wide variety of texts, whilst growing a life-long habit of reading for both education and enjoyment.

At Kumon, we believe having a high level of reading ability includes being able to select books for oneself, read and understand the text regardless of difficulty or genre, and to read at a good speed. Our reading programme gives students the ability to think deeply about the content of the books and to learn from them. To develop this ability, students learn to study independently, at their own pace.

Following an initial assessment, each student starts on the Kumon English Programme at their own, individually set, starting point. This starting point is set at a comfortable level for the child, with an initial focus on developing a strong foundation in the way they study. Students progress steadily through the levels, step-by-step, which increase in complexity from basic word and sentence building to critiquing advanced texts.

Through daily study of this reading programme, students develop reading comprehension skills and the ability to interpret information in advanced literature. As they work through the levels, students develop reasoning, interpretation, deduction and persuasion abilities, and ultimately become confident, proficient readers who enjoy the experience of reading every day.

A Recommended Reading List complements the worksheet-based programme, encouraging students to read a range of books from various genres and styles.

L Critique
I Summarisation
F Paragraph Building
C Sentence Building
2A Word Building