The Kumon programmes

Our aim is not to teach techniques for passing exams, but to foster life skills that children can apply throughout their lives.

The maths programme
Kumon's maths programme is offered in all countries where Kumon operates and helps children develop problem solving skills. While enhancing their calculation skills, students also cultivate their mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities which will be indispensable to their lives in the future. This leads them to develop the ability to solve various problems that they will face in their adult life. The maths programme consists of 21 levels, from Level 7A through to Level O, and five elective courses. The worksheets focus on the development of strong calculation skills and, by avoiding all unrelated concepts, aim to allow students to advance, independently, as quickly as possible to an advanced level.

Native Language Progammes
Kumon's native language programmes are available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. Through a wide range of reading experiences, we aim to improve students' reading comprehension skills and nurture an interest in reading, both of which enable them to read widely and confidently. The native language programmes begin by enriching students' vocabulary and instructing basic reading skills. Students go on to learn about sentence structure, paragraph building, summarization and critical reading.

Foreign Language Programmes
Kumon's foreign language programmes are available in Chinese, English, French, German and Japanese. The foreign language programmes offer students exposure to their target language on a daily basis while allowing them to acquire high-level reading comprehension and listening skills. Through the carefully designed worksheets, students learn not only to write and pronounce the words and sounds of the language, but also develop the ability to accurately comprehend a variety of text while enhancing their listening skills.

The language programmes are not offered in all countries that Kumon operates so please use our country drop-down menu to select Kumon services in your country.