The maths programme

The Kumon Maths Programme aims to develop high-level maths ability in each student, as well as the mind-set and skills for self-learning. The worksheet-based programme progresses step-by-step from the very basics of counting to calculus and beyond, all without the use of a calculator.

Each student will begin at a comfortable level, to build a solid foundation for learning and the study skills required to successfully tackle more advanced work. The carefully designed worksheets introduce new topics in a way that enable students to understand them independently, encouraging students to apply what they have already learned to solve problems they have never seen before.

Through daily study of the programme, Kumon students develop an affinity for mental maths and the confidence to apply their skills to overcome new challenges. Each level of the maths programme builds incrementally on the skills developed in the previous level, ensuring a solid understanding and the ability to put learning into practise.

Emphasis is placed on fluency and understanding how a calculation works, so that students are able to select the most efficient approach to solve a problem. Through individualised instruction, students develop their mental agility and maximise their ability, nurturing a generation of confident learners who can thrive at school and beyond.

In addition to the 20 levels of the core maths programme, an additional level is offered to cover a broad range of applied maths topics.

O Calculus
M Functions
J Basic algebra
F Fractions
D Multiplication, division and vertical methods
A Number writing; mental addition and subtraction
5A Counting