About our organisation

The Kumon Method of Learning was developed in 1954 by Toru Kumon, both a parent and gifted teacher from Japan. When Toru Kumon discovered his own son, Takeshi, was not fulfilling his potential in maths at school he created worksheets for him to complete each day at home. Rather than limiting his son to the level of maths taught in his school lessons, Toru Kumon ensured Takeshi developed a solid foundation for learning and then provided the opportunity for his son to advance as far as he was able, ensuring he was truly developing his ability to the maximum. Almost 60 years on, his philosophy still continues to help children advance beyond their school level and realise their true potential.

It was Toru Kumon’s belief that it is the role of the educator not just to impart knowledge, but to foster in students the mind-set and skills for self-learning. Following Takeshi Kumon’s success through these unique worksheets, and the success of other children in the neighbourhood, in 1958 Toru Kumon established an office in Osaka, and gradually more and more Kumon centres began to open. Kumon has continued its global expansion, with over 4 million students worldwide studying in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. As the world’s most popular study programmes, every minute of every day a child experiences success through the Kumon Method.

Through daily study of the Kumon programmes, our students grow in confidence, independence and ambition. The Kumon Method nurtures a passion for learning and the skills required to excel both in and beyond the classroom.

At Kumon we care about each individual child and giving them the opportunity to succeed in the global community.