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Kumon study helps children of any age and any ability to shine. We aim to give our students the tools they need to enjoy learning. Our programmes establish strong foundations in maths, helping your child to feel confident enough to tackle challenging work.

Rather than offering conventional maths tuition, our Instructors guide their students through work that is set at just the right level for them, keeping them engaged and making progress. They support and encourage students to work out answers by themselves, helping them to become self-sufficient, successful learners for the future. By studying little and often through daily worksheets and regular class sessions, our students steadily increase ability and fluency, building their skills in small, manageable steps.

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The Kumon Maths Programme
The Kumon Maths Programme progresses from the very basics of counting to calculus and beyond, all without the use of a calculator

Each level of the maths programme builds incrementally on the skills developed in the previous level, ensuring a solid understanding and the ability to put learning into practice

Every student will begin at a comfortable level for them. Their individual starting point, along with their expected projection rate, is established at a free assessment.
Kumon maths for children aged five and under
Our maths programme helps early learners get to grips with numbers in an engaging way through colourful, fun worksheets and Instructor support

Instructors encourage young students to work in an attentive, thoughtful way to develop concentration, attention span, and good learning practices ready for school and beyond

Children gain confidence in maths, gradually progressing skills through small steps in our worksheets, developing ease and fluency with each topic before moving on
Kumon maths for children aged six to 11
Our maths programme enables students of any ability to tackle maths with confidence ensuring each key skill is completely mastered before moving on

Through daily maths study, students build fluency and ability as well as a positive and concentrated approach to study

Kumon Instructors set maths study at just the right level for your child regardless of their age, allowing them to revisit missing skills or advance way beyond their peers without restriction
Kumon maths for children aged 12 and older
Our maths programme helps students to develop a positive approach to maths, detecting any gaps in key learning foundations before building skills to reach school level and beyond

Kumon Instructors support students to understand how to solve mathematical problems for themselves using examples as a guide, enabling them to become independent, confident learners that are open to the challenge of new work without teacher reliance

Kumon students progress at their own pace, irrespective of age and school grade, offering them the chance to venture into complex mathematical calculations ahead of school curriculum

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